Ontotext Launches GraphDB Cloud DBaaS

Launch of GraphDB Cloud

The semantic technology leader Ontotext JSC, part of Sirma Group JSC, is happy to announce the launch of its GraphDB Cloud, a 24/7 reliable and scalable database-as-a-service (DBaaS). The new service aims to improve organizational performance as outsource the management of their graph database and save time and costs.

GraphDB Cloud DBaaS is the first of a series of launches of our brand-new Ontotext Cognitive Cloud, which is replacing the S4 service.

GraphDB Cloud is an easy, ready-to-use start to working with a semantic graph database, such as our signature GraphDB product.

GraphDB Cloud DBaaS is Ontotext’s answer to the growing demand for reliable and scalable DBaaS with quality expert support. The DBaaS in our Cognitive Cloud is capable of significantly reducing database management time and costs of enterprises that want to gain insights from their most precious resources – data and information. At the same time, it frees up time for their tech teams to work on innovative solutions rather than having to administrate databases.

Ontotext’s DBaaS features the aspects that enterprise users have identified as the key benefits of switching from a do-it-yourself database to DBaaS: reliability, scalability, automated and on-demand backups, industry-standard access, quality support, and the latest database releases.

GraphDB Cloud allows users to enjoy the latest GraphDB database releases, by getting their own GraphDB instance with a single click, available in the cloud 24/7. It scales with data needs easily and on-demand, and also helps users benefit from automated and on-demand backups, with all backups monitored and validated.

Those who choose GraphDB Cloud will have it accessible via a SPARQL Endpoint and REST APIs. Ontotext’s DBaaS features OntoRefine for easier data ingestion that allows users to do many ETL (extract, transform and load) tasks over tabular data through an intuitive user interface. GraphDB Cloud also features SSL secured API endpoints.

Users will enjoy the GraphDB Workbench with its visual analytics over semantic graphs as well as SPARQL syntax highlighting, autocompletion and result-set navigation.

Finally, and importantly for enterprises, GraphDB Cloud features first-rate support, where our technical team provides timely assistance and offers extensive documentation with code samples.

GraphDB Cloud is the result of the following multimillion research and development projects Open DaPaaS, AnnoMarket, proDataMarket, EuroBusinessGraph, co-financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation Program.

There are currently hundreds of startups and small and medium-sized enterprises that use our beta version in industries as diverse as fintech, life-science and media.

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