Digital health records for the whole family

Sirma has announced the release of new functionality that allows users to create child health records by adding all health examinations and health information to the parent profile. The news came just a week after the official launch of a critical feature – gathering of medical documents in the Medrec: M application. The new feature is complementary to the recently introduced functionality - document management. It enables Medrec:M users to collect data and monitor the current health status of the entire family.

How does it work?

Any user can create a child account (s) from their account. The parent enters the name, gender, date of birth, picture of the child. Once the account is created, other parental accounts can be added or deleted, to manage the child records easily. All added parental profiles must also be registered in the system. When a new parent is added, a PIN (personal identification number) is generated for access/confirmation purposes. This PIN must be sent outside the application (call, SMS, text message). The child profile is fully functional and has everything that a user profile of adults has. The difference comes from data management – it is allowed only by parents.

Family health records - all-in-one place

The innovative mobile application Medrek: M allows users to record symptoms and vital signs, and analyze information about their current health status. One of the essential features for document management enables users to upload and save all documents related to their health status, as well as the ability to view and download the file on the device. When adding a file, users select from the list the following document types: No type, Epicrisis, Recipe, Laboratory Results, Ambulance Sheet, Referral, Other. Documents can be attached directly or added after they have been taken with the camera of the phone. In its list of stored documents, the user can filter by different criteria and select only those that he needs for a specific action or consultation.

All records are stored on a dedicated secure server in an encrypted version. Only the user and those who have shared access can view the contents of the files.

How does Medrec: M enable telemedicine provisioning?

Medrec:M enables users to collect and record his/her medical data, symptoms, results of examinations, medication, diagnoses, epicrises, etc. The data provided by the citizens is voluntary and is offered to healthcare professionals with the explicit consent of the user. If necessary, the user can easily share their data with a doctor. They can use the “share” feature in the mobile app, indicating the doctor only by entering the email address, with which he has registered in Medrec: M. One of the functionalities of the system allows the doctor to decline the acceptance of the invitation to access the patient’s data. And the patient can see if his/her request to share has been accepted, accordingly.

The product consists of a mobile application-currently available for the Android platform (users of the iPhone will be able to access the application since May 2020), and Medrec: M Monitor – a portal for doctors.