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Banking has undergone a significant transformation in the digital age. The industry now combines technology with AI, leveraging the power of data, adhering to the highest regulatory compliance standards, and providing exceptional customer experiences across all channels - digital, web, and standalone applications. The focus is on creating seamless user interactions that cater to each customer’s unique situation and needs.

Create tailored solutions that boost your bottom line and benefit your customers’ financial well-being.

With 25+ years of domain expertise, we at Sirma have helped many players in the finance industry align their operations with contemporary requirements and begin to make smart use of digital technologies. In doing this we have greatly increased their efficiency, decreased transaction costs, decreased operational risk and eliminated security issues. 


Sirma specializes in implementing core bank systems, such as Oracle FLEXCUBE and Temenos. We also offer a comprehensive suite of contemporary software products and technology services that financial institutions demand. Our highly qualified business, IT, and fintech experts help banks enhance their operations by identifying, optimizing, and deploying best practices, top-notch technology, and robust cybersecurity applications.

We focus on Data, AI, and Omnichannel Development

Our consultants help banks utilize the full power of data by offering a wide range of data management services, including integration, governance, analytics, and warehousing. With our innovative approach to using Data as a product, we navigate banks on how they can monetize their data and transform it into innovative financial products that increase profits and create opportunities internally and for third partners.

We aim to unlock the business value of data under complete transparency, security, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the protection of users and their data.

Oracle FLEXCUBE Implementation Services

Oracle FLEXCUBE is a modular banking platform that follows industry best practices and uses standards-based technology. It helps banks transform their business models by automating and streamlining their business processes, and provides functional support and flexibility to retail banks' products and services, which makes banking more efficient.

Temenos Implementation Services

Temenos Core Banking is the world's most successful digital core banking platform. It offers comprehensive banking functionalities across retail, corporate, treasury, wealth, and payments. The platform uses cloud-native and agnostic technology, which makes it possible for banks to implement fintech innovations quickly and gain a competitive edge.


Our professional services enable the implementation of omnichannel capabilities, deliver seamless and comprehensive user experience across all digital channels, and achieve complete data management.

Our consultants and software professionals cover all platform functionality and integration. We also upgrade existing core systems with new capabilities and features.

Solution Architecture and Design

Data Management

Systems Integration and Deployment

AI-enabled solutions and Virtual assistants

Customization and Building up APIs for Seamless Integration with TPPs

Omnichannel Development

Security and Customer Authentication

End-to-end QA Process

IT and Business Compliance

Overall Project and Delivery Management

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