A smart way to achieve reporting compliance


Thorough and compliant reporting for banks and financial institutions

Comprehensive management and regulatory reporting system. You can use it to record, process, store and ultimately report data from all the different systems in any financial institution.

RepXpress fully automates the process of creating applications for statutory, operational, management and IFRS compliant reporting.

Capture, control, and curate data with ease


Automation for optimal reporting efficiency

RepExpress automates statutory, operational, management and IFRS-compliant reports. It merges data into a common information pool and validates these data into reporting tables with an optimal set of details.

Data focus

Collect and structure huge amounts of data from various systems; then merge this data into a common pool for the purposes of information consistency to provide a unified and compliant single view; eventually present data in a relational and/or a dimensional layer.

Strict control

Enact strong data validation upon consolidation of each consecutive stage of the data processing. The system applies consistency control and provides visualization of errors and necessary data adjustments.

Analytics and statistics

Provide the basis for the generation of numerous types of management, financial, regulatory and profitability reports and analysis.


Direct generation of the local country and European authority set of reports. The system covers all requirements under Regulation 575/2013 and IFRS 9.

Business Benefits

A powerful tool for a reporting single view and data consistency

RepXpress fully automates the monitoring and the control processes, as well as supports decision-making through the provision of intelligent management data.

The architecture and technology of RepXpress ensure the optimization of time needed for the technical preparation of information and its transfer to internal users.

Through RepXpress, the benefits for the organization greatly surpass the costs for data processing.

Fast and easy launch

RepXpress has an intuitive UX, available via a web interface and easily defined and modified settings, as well as predefined interfaces to the core business system.

Increased efficiency

The information RepXpress captures and turns into reports can also be stored, transferred and shared seamlessly. This increases the efficiency of the analysis process and gives you a 360-degree view of the report information.

Strong reliability

The system has a multilevel human control of the information management process, providing options for trail-log corrections.


No additional costs will ever be needed for the provision or modification of all reports.

Robust history of reporting

RepXpress keeps track of unlimited reporting history and user logs of changes to the data and reports. Business reviews and a summary of operations are also available through the software.

Superior management capabilities

You don't have to manually gather or input data from your business units. Instead, the software allows you to instantly access the information you need and thus monitor any KPI of your business.

Automate reporting processes now.


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