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Sirma is putting technology to use in support of the needs of modern medicine. We blend innovations and industry experience with leading knowledge technologies in order to help clinics, hospitals and doctors transform their work and increase the quality of healthcare management. ​​

The strategic goal of Sirma is to develop software applications, aiming to improve the diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

Our products and services benefit the whole spectrum of activities in the field – from research and development, through turning data into knowledge all the way to telemedicine.


Sirma’s perspective on the landscape of healthcare

If ever technology could literally save lives, it would be in the field of Healthcare. This industry has been radically changed in recent decades owing to technology and huge R&D investments. Technology benefits research, global collaboration, and access to data and knowledge leading to ground-breaking discoveries.

On the other hand, clinician experience and patient expectations are also changing at a rapid pace alongside technology advancements, pressing the industry to adopt innovations. The aging population and the chronic disease explosion also require a new approach to reduce costs and improve treatment options with new and novel services.

Healthcare, AI, mobile applications, and empowered patients and medical professionals

Healthcare is among the fastest developing industries owing to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, mobile applications, and telemedicine, Internet of Health Things. In addition, the industry has been eagerly adopting Knowledge technologies (KT) in order to process information and provide decision-making data in a similar way as a human does.

Furthermore, medical data analytics can offer a lot more possibilities to identify concerning developments and enable medical professionals to start looking at possible approaches for early treatment. Machine learning algorithms are also being used in the drug discovery process, bringing faster market entry to new drugs.

Such an approach is expected to open many new applications of innovative health technologies, to enable revolutionizing care delivery with AI-based solutions, that improve the diagnosis process in terms of speed and accuracy, and to increase the quality of health care management. ​​

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