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Nowadays, most businesses are challenged by disruptive startups, evolving customer preferences, unprecedented connectivity, and growing regulatory requirements, and the insurance sector is no exception. Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to conducting various tasks on their mobile devices through user-friendly mobile applications and websites.

Regardless of their size and geography, insurance companies have realized that technology has never been more critical in protecting and accelerating their core business. The growing competition, the ever-increasing consumer expectations, and new digital strategies embraced by innovative fintechs are shaping digitalization in the insurance sector.


Sirma supports insurance companies and brokers in using all up-to-date digital technologies

By leveraging the most recent technological advancements, we allow our clients to reevaluate their business models and distribution strategies, significantly expand their product offerings, and create an exceptional customer experience - which all customers expect from an insurance company.

Core insurance system modernization

Our solid track record in the insurance sector has enabled us to build a no-code platform - Sirma InSuite for process and policy management. This platform upgrades complex legacy systems in insurance organizations with modern customer-facing applications.

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Looking to modernize and digitalize your process without changing your core insurance software? No problem!

Sirma InSuite is an extremely flexible and highly scalable platform bridging the gap between the complex legacy systems in an insurance organization and its modern customer-facing applications. Our platform provides comprehensive coverage for key insurance processes across all business lines, including general insurance, life insurance, medical and health insurance. It is designed to meet the needs of midsize to large enterprises worldwide for digitalization and business transformation.

Sirma IT consultants will advise insurance organizations on deploying a specific IT architecture and secure environment compatible with the regulatory requirements. We will also consult you on integrating new solutions compatible with your core insurance systems to enable the launch of new InsureTech services in no time.

Business Consulting for Insurance Companies

Our senior business advisors help you evolve your business model, optimize processes, select technology, and redesign workflows. We shape your business mindset, make targeted investments, improve efficiency, manage risk, and ensure compliance.

IT Consulting for Insurance Companies

Over the years, we have developed extensive strategic expertise in the InsureTech space and a deep understanding of the key technology drivers that help us plan the development and integration of advanced solutions and systems for any insurance organization.

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Sirma offers the most advanced suite of AI applications for complex manufacturing, logistics & consumer products.

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