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Turn customer data into business value

Sirma’s customer intelligence solutions for the retail industry help retailers collect, merge and analyze data from online, offline activities and transactions of their customers, in order to better understand consumer behavior, patterns, habits, and personal motivation.

Our software solutions allow for the centralization of transaction processes in a database, as well as the use of semantic technologies in retrieving, analyzing and interpreting data from disparate sources. This gives retailers a 360° ecosystemic view of the environment they operate in, together with a wide range of analyses that facilitate better targeting and communication.


Sirma’s perspective on the Retail landscape

Retail represents a relatively large part of the economy, being among the most attractive sectors for the launch of technological innovations. Like all sectors of today’s economy, retail is also strongly influenced by the technology revolution.

Applications or platform solutions with rich functionality, including a system of recommendations, which enable retailers to offer more products and services for cross and up-sell. The former helps customers find the best complementary or related products to an already selected item, and allow merchants to increase the average order value (AOV). The latter can be set up in order to recommend more expensive products and accordingly, increase AOV. Alternative or relevant choice suggestions, offer customers similar products, helping them find what they really want, and improve the sales bottom line.

New solutions to new challenges

Thinking about retailers and large organizations, we provide a cognitive marketing platform that uses computer vision technology for face detection, age, race and gender recognition. Combined with a powerful loyalty system and analytics tools, the platform allows retailers to gather and process data, available before only to the online counterparts. We utilize cognitive technologies in order to maximize the ROI in marketing activities.

Solutions based on computer vision may serve organizations in order to improve corporate security. They can complement internal security protocols performing authentication by using state-of-the-art facial recognition technologies. Such commercial application is a critical requirement for financial organizations, corporations, government, and public organizations.


Software development

We create business software and vertical business solutions, based on our intelligent cloud platform SENPAI. We explore data and knowledge using chatbots and near-natural language queries.


We provide guidance to customers about the choice of an overall IT strategy, which includes strategy and architecture, technological design, selection of cognitive technologies and solutions. We inform them about existing platforms and applications and demonstrate the power of Sirma’s cognitive solutions that enable businesses to understand and monetize the onslaught of data and the complexity of the world in order to deliver more meaningful experiences to clients, to add new revenue streams, and develop better capabilities to innovate.

Do more business by understanding customer data better.

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