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We have over 30 years of experience and possess considerable expertise in various industries. Therefore, expanding our services to blend industries appears to be a natural extension of our work. Our passion lies in solving complex business problems, which is precisely where cross-industry software development comes in.

We customize our solutions to meet industry professionals’ specific needs, helping them improve their bottom line.


Cross-industry software solutions encompass the provision of versatile applications that cater to diverse sectors. These services offer adaptable and standardized tools, addressing common challenges across industries.

Sirma’s expertise in a wide range of industries gives us a competitive advantage in a mixed industries reality where multi-layered solutions should be crafted. We can pull up different experts when needed to speed up the development process and enrich the end product.

Products & Services

We optimize your IT infrastructure and processes, leveraging our expertise in the particular sector and commercial opportunities to advance your platforms. This approach fosters collaboration, accelerates development, and minimizes costs.

Our software solutions help businesses in various industries operate more efficiently and increase productivity.


Next-generation Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that transforms how companies navigate the hiring landscape. It streamlines the entire hiring process, automating manual tasks and empowering organizations to predict the next best hires. With a comprehensive web-based solution, the platform ensures a seamless and efficient recruitment journey.


sHRedy is an Electronic Employment Record that helps digitally manage labour relations between employer and employee. The HRMS complies with all legal requirements of the EU and Bulgaria.


Real-time monitoring and instant interaction software that simplifies customer acquisition while boosting conversion rates. Empower your sales team with tools for meaningful conversations and personalized offers from the moment visitors land on any tracked webpage.


Loyax is a customizable loyalty management platform for businesses. It helps to organize and manage loyalty programs with features such as campaign management, loyalty cards, mobile loyalty apps, and omnichannel communication options.

Drive digital innovations across any industry.

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