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Sirma is a leading software developer and system integrator specialising in creating custom solutions for public administration. We have the expertise to develop complex systems that can process large amounts of data seamlessly and securely. Our projects include financial management systems, work process management, ranking systems, security applications, enterprise business solutions, and various e-services. Our teams take care of the continuous improvement of the IT systems for the public sector and e-government.


Diversity of Expertise

We specialize in developing software solutions for national and local governments. Our software provides flexible workflow management for processes and documents, teamwork and various e-services for administration and citizens.

Sirma is a well-known software partner that has successfully implemented and delivered numerous large-scale IT projects for government agencies, such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Finance, Council of Ministers, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defense, Customs Agency, National Revenue Agency, and Employment Agencies, among others.

We also have a proven track record of completing projects for various overseas government organizations, including the British Parliament, the US Department of Defense, Elections Canada, Environment Canada, and the US Census 2020/New Mexico Census Reward Program. In addition, we have worked with cultural and educational institutions such as the National History Museum, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum USA, and many Bulgarian universities and schools.

Our Services

We provide custom development and software upgrades, improving existing platforms’ functionality and integration services. Our portfolio also includes technology audits, IT consulting, and project management for hundreds of projects in culture, education, and public organisations globally.

Business Analyses

Solution Architecture and Design

Data Management

Systems Integration and Deployment

AI-enabled Virtual Assistants

Customisation and Upgrades

Building up APIs

End-to-end QA Process

Overall Project and Delivery Management

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