About Sirma

Discovery and Innovations
through Knowledge Technologies


Sirma Group is one of the largest publicly-traded Bulgarian IT groups, founded in 1992

Sirma specializes in IT technologies and software development, ‌implementation and system integration. The company creates and develops world-class semantic software, cognitive business solutions, industrial applications, mobile platforms and applications, ERP software, solutions and services for the financial industry, payment services, e-government platform and services, etc. Within the group, the subsidiaries create unique new products and services in their vertical specialization.

Sirma Group accomplished a successful IPO in 2015 and was listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE code SGH). Since 2018 the shares of Sirma have been included in the Premium Equities Segment of the BSE.








Enabling companies to undertake a transition towards an Intelligent Enterprise, providing them with a cognitive software platform for intelligent workflow transformation and information management.


The future belongs to Intelligent Enterprises based on knowledge, which implements innovations in technology and business models, and is fully committed to a certain cause. They are all linked in a dynamic system, analytical and flexible, with satisfied and motivated teams that learn and grow in a sustainable business ecosystem.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

We explore, innovate and dare to challenge how things stand because successful business is looking for disruptive, but viable ideas.

Focus on Clients

We value the trust we have earned from our clients because that is the true recognition of our contribution, our hard work and consistency.


We work together, which helps to multiply talents, exchanging knowledge and experience, for better outcomes and personal fulfillment.

Trust and Integrity

We earn trust and appreciate the integrity of our partners. This commitment binds us and delivers real value to the business.


We talk-to-data owing to the core technologies implemented in Sirma’s intelligent software. We explore data and knowledge facilitated by chatbots  and near-natural language queries, in order to help companies gain competitive advantage and utilize the artificial intelligence for better business results. Our products and solutions enable business in:

Handling Exponential
Data Growth

Represent adequately interrelations and knowledge structures owing to technologies. Utilize machine learning and intelligence to proactively enhance human capabilities.

Providing Holistic 360°
Data View

Access data from a variety of data silos and turn it into valuable information, relationships and patterns.

Extracting Information from
Hidden Data

Apply cognitive algorithms mine information from sources like video, images, IoT data and deliver business and scientific insights.

Turning Text into

Deal with large volumes of textual information to identify its relevance and to deliver it in context for analysis.

Embracing Complexity across

Blend information derived from text and data sources, allow adaptive business processes and operations, to make synergistic, proactive business decisions.

Using Modeling,
not Coding

Use business expert’s language and knowledge to define behaviour of information systems, and deliver value in an agile manner.