EngView Package & Display Designer Now Available as Subscription Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused crucial changes in the way we live and work. There is no doubt the packaging industry was able to use the disruptive transformation as a strong business booster. The industry has benefited from the substantial growth of e-commerce and the vast demand for packages needed for safe delivery, the increasing production of boxes in the pharmaceutical industry and the overall growth for any kind of packages, boxes and containers.

The situation required vendors to be creative and flexible and facilitate the transition from office work to the home office by providing additional online licenses to customers in those industries. EngView Systems, a company of Sirma Group, has offered affected businesses secure and reliable access to its software by providing the EngView Package & Display Designer as subscription plans.

A wise investment with no substantial upfront payment

Choosing SaaS is the right choice for the companies that use professional software for structural design, 3D visualization and preproduction of packaging. Producers can quickly scale their design capabilities, get more orders and quickly reduce expenditures for subscription licenses when demand falls. The subscription model is freeing businesses to use their funds in the way that fits best.

Always up to date with the latest software version

Using software as a service enables customers to get a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

Subscription Plans

There are three plans designed specifically for companies that cover workflows (partially or fully) of design and production of packaging and display like advertising agencies, printing houses and packaging companies, and diemakers. The subscription plans are given the flexibility to customers to overcome the drawbacks of the current situation. The company will keep offering the software with on-premise installation for customers who prefer to work with a perpetual license.

The plans accommodate the specific needs of different groups of customers. However, the customers seeking bespoke solutions can always contact EngView Systems at info@engview.com to discuss the particular business case.

Learn more about EngView Systems subscription plans here