GraphDB selected by Johnson Controls for the New Release of Metasys Building Automation System

Sirma AI, traded as Ontotext, announced that Johnson Controls selected Ontotext’s GraphDB to provide semantic data creation and management for their Metasys system - one of the leading integrated building management systems in the world. The new version of the system enhances team productivity, increases building efficiency and reduces risk.

Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions are created to improve the quality of life providing a safer, smarter and more sustainable technology portfolio. It offers fully integrated facility management – all activities related to security systems, energy management, fire protection or HVACR – to ensure that they exceed customer expectations at all times.

The company operates in more than 150 countries through a large branch network and channel partners, helping building owners, operators, engineers and contractors enhance the full lifecycle of any facility.

The latest system release was designed to boost team productivity, increases building efficiency and reduces risk. It also helps identify and solve issues and prevent unauthorized access. It provides a flexible modernization path to existing Metasys customers with ageing installations. The features and enhancements include brand new Fault Detection and Fault Triage suite, new models of the next-generation hardware like the new SNC supervisory controller with onboard display, and cybersecurity enhancements to help prevent unauthorized access, like FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Compliance.

“We are happy to see the official launch of Metasys 11, which integrates GraphDB. It’s fascinating to see that our technology contributes to the improvement of efficiency and comfort of thousands of buildings all over the globe. During the last couple of years, we see booming adoption of semantic graph databases in manufacturing and industry. The typical applications include configuration management, IT inventory, process automation and technical knowledge management. Many of the leaders in this space already use GraphDB to manage big volumes of business-critical information in production – all the way from the biggest car and aircraft manufacturers to NASA and national energy system operators.”

said Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext.

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