Sirma Business Consulting Joined the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum

The company is now part of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum, sharing the organization’s mission to create a sustainable economy and a prosperous social environment

On the 26th of September, a ceremony was held at Megapark in Sofia to present the new members of the Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum (BBLF). The event was attended by over 80 representatives from more than 70 companies. The new members of this prestigious community are 14 successful organisations from various sectors of the economy. In his welcoming speech, BFBL President Levon Hampartsumian highlighted the leading role of successful and responsible businesses in creating a sustainable economy and a prosperous social environment.

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The BFBL holds an annual ceremony to award certificates of membership to the BFBL - The Responsible Business Community and provides its newest members with the Standard of Business Ethics. The document, developed by the organisation in 2001, is a voluntary commitment by companies to adhere to 10 core principles of ethical behaviour.

Held at the start of the new business season, the meeting showcases the companies that have joined the Forum in the last 6 months and gives guests an exclusive opportunity to share best practices, experiences and partnership ideas.

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Sirma Business Consulting AD, specialising in IT and business consulting, development and implementation of software solutions for the banking industry, became part of the BFBL community and was represented by Alexander Stanev, CTO of Financial Industry of Sirma Group Holding. The full list of newly joined companies can be found here.

The new members presented the priorities of their activities to the audience and shared their best practices in support of people, nature and society. Each of the 14 companies received a certificate of membership in the BFBL and a copy of the Business Ethics Standard.

BFBL is a well-established business association that promotes and encourages transparent governance, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in the private sector.

Full announcement on yesterday’s event Photos from the ceremony are posted here