Sirma held its GM via the e-platform of the Central Depository

Sirma held its Annual General Meeting via the electronic platform for general meetings of the Central Depository

Sirma Group Holding carried out today the regular General Meeting of its shareholders through the Electronic Platform for General Meetings of the Central Depository (EP), in order to comply with the anti-epidemic measures related to the COVID-19 situation. Thus, Sirma became the first public technology company to use the platform in our country.

“Sirma’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a strong focus on our product development, creating new features and technological advancements. We use the same approach to work with our clients, which we use in our corporate governance. EP allows us to be flexible, given the pandemic restrictions on attendance at meetings. It provides much easier access for our shareholders to participate in shareholder meetings. EP is a good example of how technological solutions implemented due to the pandemic elevate a whole process to a new level,” said Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma Group Holding.

“It is an excellent acknowledgment for us that Sirma Group Holding has entrusted the holding of the General Meeting of its shareholders to EP. The largest Bulgarian IT company chose the Central Depository’s electronic platform at a global pandemic time to organize its most important corporate event in compliance with all security measures and care for participants,” added Vasil Golemanski, CEO of the Central Depository.

During the General Meeting, the shareholders of Sirma had the opportunity to vote online or proxy on the agenda’s proposals. The EP provided an automated calculation of the voting results during the meeting and displayed statistical information, including a preliminary version of the minutes with the main details.

The EP is intended for holding general meetings of public companies; non-public companies can also benefit from its functionalities. The platform is accessed through a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), and the user can use it in several ways - as an issuer that organizes the general meeting, a shareholder in the company, or a proxy appointed by him and an administrator of the meeting. EP is supported in two languages - Bulgarian and English, allowing foreign shareholders to participate in general meetings through the platform.

The platform is available on the website of the Central Depository - from the home page by selecting the button “Login to the electronic platform for general meetings” or from the link.