Sirma Group Celebrates 25 Years of Success

“The Next 25 - The Smart Enterprise”

Sirma Group, one of the largest Bulgarian IT groups, has turned 25 years since its foundation. On this occasion, the company organized a corporate event “The Next 25 - The Smart Enterprise”, where the C-level managers outlined the trends and the companies ambitions to face challenges ahead. The show was held on April 24, in the “Sofia Grand Hall”, at 19:00, the Congress Center, Marinella Hotel in Sofia.

The primary focus on Sirma’s software products and business development has been artificial intelligence, its various applications in cognitive business solutions and knowledge management systems, since the foundation of the enterprise. Today, Sirma’s long-standing expertise in this field places the company in a leading role in Bulgaria, positioning the enterprise as an established and recognizable partner of well-known companies and organizations in Europe, America and Asia. During the event, the founders of leading daughter’s companies in the group shared their vision and future plans and demonstrated some of their latest technology and products to the audience.

The speakers of the event were Cvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma Group Holding, Atanas Kiryakov, CEO of Ontotext, Rossen Varbanov, CEO of Sirma Medical Systems, Yavor Djonev, CEO of Sirma Group Inc., USA, Tsvetomir Doskov, CEO of Sirma Business Consulting, Georgi Marinov, CEO of EngView Systems and Rumyana Stoykova, Product Director of LOYAX.

“Technology has been rapidly evolving in the past 25 years and today they are an inseparable part of all segments of business - from manufacturing, enterprise resource planning systems, corporate services, to payments and health care, along with education and cultural heritage - changing them in an unprecedented way. We are talking about the fourth industrial revolution, and artificial intelligence and semantic technologies become part of our lives, redefining the way we work, learn, heal and have fun. The penetration of cognitive technology has been one of the strongest technological trends ever seen, which are changing industries, organizations, countries, economies, and the lives of each individual. Accordingly, Sirma Group is well-positioned to play a key role in driving this trend “, said Tsvetan Alexiev, Executive Director of Sirma Group Holding.

Sirma’s top cognitive technologies based on AI are implemented in different products and solutions as the facial recognition software - MarketVidia, GraphDB which is a leading semantic database, the payment and fintech solutions, its software for visual measurement and quality control for manufacturers, CAD/CAM packaging software suite, loyalty platform, and many more.

Corporate Milestones:

  • Founded in 1992 as a Bulgarian-Canadian company for artificial intelligence and knowledge processing.
  • A 25-year strong focus on the development of cognitive business technologies (equal to 1000 years cumulative efforts), resulting in unique products and solutions that enable businesses to make an intelligent transformation of key processes and operations in the forthcoming Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Global presence and trading operations, selling products and services worldwide.
  • Offices in USA, Canada, Brazil, Bulgaria, UK, Albania. Upcoming openings - UAE and India.
  • Holding structure of 10 subsidiaries.
  • Public company since Nov 2015 with the largest 7-year IPO on the BSE.
  • In its first year as a public company Sirma accounts a strong organic growth - a 22% increase in revenue and a 66% increase in profit.