Daticum and CLICO Bulgaria collaborate to provide top-notch cybersecurity solutions

Daticum and CLICO Bulgaria will partner to provide AI-enabled cybersecurity solutions of the world leader SentinelOne

Daticum JSC, part of Sirma Group Holding and a leading Bulgarian provider of cloud infrastructure and managed IT services, announced its partnership with CLICO Bulgaria, the largest distributor of software products in cybersecurity, networks and management in the CEE.

The partnership opens new opportunities before the numerous Bulgarian and international clients of Daticum, providing them with access to the innovative software products of SentinelOne-the leading vendor of cybersecurity solutions.

We are pleased to announce that SentinelOne, one of the most innovative cybersecurity technology platforms in the world, is part of Daticum’s broad portfolio of IT infrastructure services. Our customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of the many functionalities of the solution to make their IT systems even more secure from malicious external interference. Besides the undeniable benefits, SentinelOne also provides a flexible pricing policy based on the pay-per-use model, allowing its use according to the needs of the client in their fight against cyber threats.” said Georgi Tsekov, Commercial Director of Daticum AD.

We at Clico Bulgaria believe that the adaptation of technological innovations is the foundation for building a stable and sustainable business. We are convinced that Daticum is a service provider that builds long-term and successful partnerships with its customers, and SentinelOne will be another innovative technology for their customers. SentinelOne was recently named the leader in Garner’s magic quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. This recognition has been achieved with unprecedented security of workstations, flexible subscription plans and intuitive management. At the heart of SentinelOne’s technology is artificial intelligence. The technology detects all threats and can block them before they penetrate the organization’s communications network.”, shared from CLICO Bulgaria.

SentinelOne is the only cybersecurity solution that includes AI features for preventing, detecting and responding to threats across endpoints and IoT devices, containers and clouds, in a single and standalone platform. Among the main benefits and numerous advantages of SentinelOne technologies are unique security technologies, allowing an agent installed on the Endpoint, self-assessment of file and file-free threats. They are carried out without connection to the cloud or the need for external intervention, performing all critical functions for the system security:

  • Detection of a threat or a developing attack;
  • Stop the attack and quarantine the malicious files for further analysis;
  • Deletion of all changes made by the infection (by system files, memory and processes);
  • Windows rollback - instant recovery of ransomware files.

SentinelOne’s technology stack enables identifying complex threats such as File-less, Ransomware, Malware and Zero-Day attacks without using reputation or signatures. End users have the freedom not to keep the solution installed because it is independent and protects working machines, even when not connected to the Internet. In addition, it offers the ability to report vulnerabilities in applications located on each computer and provide detailed information on Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE), which gives users clarity about the security of the applications used.

There are many benefits that users of SentinelOne can enjoy:

  • Possibility to isolate the end station from the network;
  • Ability to detect IoT devices without the need to install a sensor;
  • Prevention, Detection and Response functions and protection against 0-day attacks, online and offline;
  • Automatic Remediate, Repair or Windows rollback, leading to a quick and easy way to recover encrypted or deleted files from viruses;
  • Clear infections and real-time protection;
  • Endpoint protection via Static AI, Behavioral AI, Exploits, malicious scripts, Lateral Movement in real-time;
  • Full visibility of everything that happens and presentation of data in a specific context, from significant events. Significantly reduces the need for expert staff and efforts to capture threats in the environment;
  • Automatic, as well as the ability to manually detect threats in the infrastructure;
  • One agent, many features for less management effort and more productivity;
  • Lightweight agent with a small footprint on the resources of the operating system;
  • Work with modern and legacy Windows workstation and server, macOS / OS X, Linux;
  • Multi-Site \ Multi-Tenant console - possibility to provide as a service for multiple clients.

The solution is practically fully automated, intelligent, and easy to implement and install in terms of installation, management, control, and protection. It has one agent, and all functionalities are integrated into it, and APIs allows easy integration with other technology partners such as SIEM vendors, Firewall manufacturers and others.

About Daticum

Daticum part of Sirma Group. The company is established as a leading Bulgarian provider of cloud infrastructure and managed IT services and customized cloud infrastructure solutions to fully meet the needs of its customers. Daticum provides customers with the ability to get the most of their IT resources in intelligent virtual infrastructure, enabling a secure, stable and managed environment.

About CLICO Bulgaria

CLICO is a Polish company founded in 1991. It is the largest specialized distributor, offering products to leading IT vendors in security, networks and management, providing the highest quality of sales and technical support in the CEE. CLICO is actively present on the Bulgarian market since 1996. Its daughter company CLICO Bulgaria Ltd was registered in 2016. The Bulgarian office accounts for the highest growth for 2017 and takes leading positions in the IT Top 100 ranking as the most dynamic and most efficient IT company.