The Spring is Here With Two Wins for Melinda

Sirma’s AI chatbot has grabbed the attention of two clients in the finance and retail industry.

We are in a digital age where digital technologies are essential for any business that wants to reach or maintain a top position in the market. Digital technologies are now helping most businesses interact with their clients and prospective customers through increasingly sophisticated chatbot technology.

The benefits of using smart technology for customer support and interaction include faster response times, more personalised customer experiences, greater accuracy, reduced costs through automation, and creating business opportunities from more strategic use of personalised messages.

As an innovative company, Sirma is up to date with the latest technology trends, and one of our flagship products - Melinda (intelligent chatbot), is on the top of the curve. Since its launch in recent months, the Melinda team has realised two very successful projects.

One of the biggest banks in Bulgaria in terms of assets, with a broad branch network, a considerable client base and modern alternative banking channels, selected Melinda for their innovative project for digital transformation - NextGen RoboAdviser Solution.

Melinda is in the process of implementation as a multifaceted solution that supports:

  • Active banking operations like delivery of personalized banking data - accounts and transactions related requests on information;
  • Balance check;
  • Onboarding new customers;
  • Transaction processing as an alternative or add-on to the traditional digital channels; utility payments initiation and schedule;
  • Personal Finance Management and Robo-investment advisory;
  • Cards blocking;
  • Fraud management and booking an appointment with a bank specialist. In addition, customer identification has to comply with the PSD2 requirements.

Melinda is specially designed for financial institutions, but its main usage is for retailers who want to offer immediate support services, automatic tools for cross and up-selling, customer loyalty.

One of the biggest retailers for sports goods in the Balkans selected Melinda for their e-commerce platform. Melinda soon will be their active advisor in terms of:

  • Boosting sales;
  • Navigating clients through the product catalogue;
  • Placing and tracking orders;
  • Sending individual offers and promotions;
  • Increasing customer loyalty.

Sirma plays an instrumental role as a technology advisor and software partner of many organizations in the retail and banking industries. The recent wins are about to be extended. The project’s scope to be stretched to ensure the delivery of unique, innovative solutions based on the growing customer and business requirements.

The two projects are still ongoing, and our technology masterminds are keen to implement the hottest features, which are in high demand from corporate clients.