Sirma and Madara Invest will redefine the future of banking

Sirma Business Consulting (part of Sirma Group) has announced a new strategic partnership with a new technology partner and investor - Madara Invest in an innovative fintech project.

Madara Invest aims to provide a fintech solution, which will bridge the gap between traditional finance (banking and other financial services) and the revolutionary fintech ecosystem. The project will give people access to convenient banking services in a simple and innovative way with its user-friendly interface and first-rate customer experience. The project will be released in phases, and its strategic aim is to serve the overall customer’s wealth lifecycle adaptively not only a single niche.

“We started our journey in 2018, inspired by the future of banking, which requires innovations and new solutions to meet customers and everyday business needs in a more user-friendly way. Undoubtedly, traditional banks will have to change, and we will be part of this evolution. A group of experienced financial and IT professionals met and expanded to realize and materialize the new fintech solution: Madara Invest, in cooperation with trustful and reliable partners, such as Sirma Business Consulting,” said Krasimir Kirov – CEO of Madara Invest.

The London based company is a member of the biggest FinTech community in the UK – Level 39, where billion-dollar opportunities are realized and a member of Innovate Finance – UK’s largest FinTech association, supported by the City of London. Besides, Madara Invest is a socially responsible project with part of the net profit before taxes (10% on a consolidated basis) to be donated to charities for children and other socially beneficial causes.

Sirma is a trusted bank solutions provider for secure financial transactions

Sirma supports banks, insurance companies, insurance brokers, and financial institutions in the use of all up-to-date digital technologies. Utilizing technology gives their financial clients the possibility to rethink their business model, their distribution approach, greatly extends their product portfolio and creates the customer experience which we all seek from our financial institution. This leads to increased productivity, increased competitiveness, and an inflow of new clients.

‘We are delighted to see the project unveiled and look forward to seeing Madara Invests ambitions come to life,’ says Tsvetomir Doskov, CEO of Sirma Business Consulting.

Sirma’s expertise in developing solutions for Banking and Insurance

Sirma provides the full range of software products and services, which the financial institutions need - from the core banking software, through custom software products for all primary operations in the financial institution to consultancy and tailor-made solutions for any individual needs. Most of them are complemented by innovative solutions with embedded AI as chatbots, KYC, and fraud prevention capabilities.

Our domain expertise has been built for more than 28 years of experience in the field. Sirma has helped many companies in the finance industry align their operations with the contemporary requirements and begin to make smart use of digital technologies. In doing this, Sirma has helped its customers to increase their efficiency significantly, decrease transaction costs as well as operational risk.

Madara Invest plans to launch its product for Europe in the upcoming months of 2020.