Sofia Municipality featured Medrec:M among innovative digital services for its citizens

Sirma Group provided its mobile application Medrec:M free of charge to Sofia Municipality and its department for innovations, for the benefit of the citizens and the city administration.

The mobile application can be used not only during an epidemic but also it is a very powerful tool for continuous personal health management in post-quarantine situations. The active use of personal digital health solutions will help people adapt to the new realities in the post-pandemic life.

Medrec:M is the latest generation mobile application, designed to collect data and monitor personal health status and to share information with doctors for remote medical consultation. The user-friendly interface makes the app very popular among users, which create their personal digital health records with ease and enjoy the numerous benefits. Its features include - monitoring of vital indicators, creating of parent’s and children’s profiles, document management, sharing health information confidentially with doctors, personalized news and health information feed, and many more.

There are more than 6000 downloads since the launch of the application in early April 2020.

Download Medrec:M fof Android here

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