Sirma Venture Lab Offers up to €400K Investment in Top-performing Startups

Sirma launches its Incubator – Sirma Venture Lab in partnership with Innovation Capital, securing funding for promising startups from Bulgaria.

Sirma is looking to support the next scalable tech stars from Bulgaria. This initiative aims to help promising startups from Eastern Europe with ground-breaking projects collaborating with Innovation Capital. The participants need to provide a novel idea or solution on how to solve a real problem in one of the following verticals: FinTech, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Logistics, Automotive, or Hospitality. The entrepreneurs who want to gain access to additional funding and learn from a dedicated team of experienced professionals in the industry can apply until May 31st. The duration of the incubation program is three months, and the best-performing companies will receive €50K, with up to €350K follow-on investment for the most innovative projects.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with some of the most successful angel investors and VC funds in the region. The companies expected to join Sirma Venture Lab are pre-seed and seed-stage startups with at least an early market validation for their products. A critical factor for succeeding in the incubator is to have a strong team with vast domain expertise.

Meet the mentors

Gaining technical and business development knowledge from experienced professionals and mentors is critical for startup founders and entrepreneurs participating in such events. Sirma team includes some of the most prominent and experienced tech leads, visionaries, and C-level managers from the company - Momchill Zarev and Yordan Nedev are part of the management of Sirma. The other mentors - Angel Angelov and Yavor Gochev from Innovation Capital, will compile the program’s management team. They will share valuable lessons about working with investors, managing a team, and creating a successful company.

Momchil Zarev, CCO of Sirma, shares his vision

the right mix for a successful startup venture consists of long-term vision, strong capacity, chemistry and resilience in the founders’ team, enough runway, and the right market timing for the product or service.

The dedicated team of professionals from Sirma will work closely with the startups. Sirma’s CTO, Tihomir Totev, will mentor the participants on their plans to bring their ideas to life and share valuable insights from the technical side of creating a high-quality product. Tihomir and another two Lead Developers – Boyan Kukushev and Nikolay Krastev, will be the primary contact persons helping startups build their MVP and validate the potential for a market breakthrough. Even more, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to see their products put into practice using Sirma’s wide range of technologies.

The business part also will be covered with the help of Borislav Stefanov and Lyubomir Tankishev, having vast experience in management in different companies. Their extensive experience in business consultancy will help every starting company develop a sustainable business model, exposure to the ecosystem, and familiarity with accounting and legislation.

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