Sirma's CEO Tsvetan Alexiev Announcement About the Future of Telemedicine and Medrec:M

Dear friends,

Hard times have come for all of us - fearing for our health and that of our loved ones, increasingly restricted - where we can move, what we can do. We are also beginning to feel the economic impact of the pandemic.

Sirma has been in the software industry for over 28 years and we can pride ourselves with world-class products and projects. Professionalism, loyalty and integrity are some of our values. At the same time, we are entrepreneurs and we are always looking for innovative, interesting and cutting-edge technological ideas.

Today, again, we can be of help to our society. We do it selflessly, harnessing all our technological power, without seeking sensation, but by providing truly useful services.

Sirma has a tradition in healthcare. Our artificial intelligence technologies are used by companies such as Astra Zeneca, Novartis and many other pharmaceutical companies.

We have launched our first Diabetes:M mobile application to help all people with diabetes, and it is currently among the top 5 diabetes monitoring and management applications in the world, according to the renowned Healthline. In it, we again use artificial intelligence techniques to provide a better quality of life for those affected. The app has been downloaded by over 1 million users, which gives us assurance for being useful in the fight against diabetes.

MPI-2 is another innovative medical application of ours, developed in collaboration with Professor Doctor Roger Ingham of the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, intended for the treatment of speech defects, in particular stuttering.

We created Medrec:M as a complete solution for collecting clinical and symptomatic information. It is important for everyone to collect as comprehensive a record as possible of their health - symptoms, research findings, treatments and diagnoses, and, if necessary, share them for personal or remote medical attendance. Data is the key to correct diagnosis and successful treatment.

Medrec:M also provides a channel for communication with the health authorities - an opportunity for the user to provide anonymous information for the purpose of assessments and predictions related to the health status of the population and to participate on a voluntary basis in surveys and studies on the transition to better healthcare.

With the help of artificial intelligence, we will ensure that users are better informed and assist physicians in better diagnosis and treatment. Artificial intelligence will monitor for dangerous conditions and alert for trends in important health indicators over longer periods of time, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Medrec: M, Diabetes: M, Cardiac: M, Clinic: M are part of the Sirma Medical Suit - our holistic solution for new healthcare – the health care of the future. This is one organism in which data and information are the heart, electronic channels are the circulatory system, and artificial intelligence and analytical tools, which help doctors, are the brain.

I believe that after this pandemic, the world will never be the same. Many stereotypes will be broken, many processes will change. Healthcare will become more technological and efficient, leading to better lifestyles and longevity.

I invite each of you to install Medrec: M. This software is free and reliable because our primary concern is protecting your health and your data.

Expect product development that will become more functional.

Become part of the future of healthcare!

Tsvetan Alexiev CEO of Sirma Group Holding JSC