Chatbot Welcomes Sirma's Website Visitors

In the 21st century, the volume of information doubles every day. The access to this information is unlimited and exhausting. Therefore, people will value a streamlined way to find information easily, in a structured and timely manner. For physical visitors a well-trained corporate office manager may be sufficient, however, the website visitors may prefer to communicate with her digital twin.

In 2016 – 2017 the chatbot trend reached its highest point, as the computer programs called “chatbot” started being integrated into the virtual communication system of the digital giants as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft, Google Assistant, Slack, Telegram, etc. Since then, a lot of startups specialize in programming chatbot and provide built-in features for the websites.

The “Chatbot” /as the name suggests/ is a computer program created to automatically respond to questions by using AI algorithms and machine learning. The program maintains a conversation by recognizing/understanding the context of the dialogue and responding accordingly.

Nowadays such virtual assistants are carrying out different tasks – like conversations for fun, solving different user problems (customer service), finding specific information, or selecting specific products (e.g. in the cross and up-sells), even in psychological counselling (used for Syrian war victims). Last but not least, the chatbot is active 24/7.

Starting on 20.03.2018 the visitors to the Sirma Group website will be assisted by the chatbot called Melinda. The first version of Sirma’s chatbot is specifically designed to help the website visitors, providing them with the most important corporate information about Sirma Group.

If you want to use Melinda, you can simply open the link in order to activate a conversation. Melinda is programmed to answer questions only in English. The program is still in a development process as for now Melinda is released in demo version (1.0). Furthermore, the knowledge of the program is built mostly on questions about Sirma Group. Melinda 1.0 can give general information about Sirma Group companies, main financial indicators, the product verticals of activity, share price, the new strategy of Sirma Group, the office locations and investor information. Moreover, the website user can participate in the learning process of Melinda by liking or disliking the answers of the chatbot based on accuracy.

The next release of Melinda 2.0, will be trained to provide more specific information about the topics mentioned above and new topics will be added. We are going to add machine learning sessions in order to improve Melinda’s knowledge and increase the efficiency of the communication. In real life, we will call this “learning by doing”. Melinda is ready to help you find information easily and she can also answer some personal questions.

Say Hello to Melinda here