Sirma Group Holding will Pay the Dividends for 2022

The Group will distribute almost two million BGN as dividends to its shareholders

The Board of Directors proposes to the General Meeting of Shareholders, which will be held on 15.06.2023, to distribute an additional dividend (after the already paid dividend for the first six months) for 2022.

The proposal follows the Dividend Policy of Sirma Group Holding AD announced last year. The total amount of proposals for new dividend distribution is BGN 1,960,317.90. Taking into account the repurchased shares from Sirma Group Holding AD, this amounts to BGN 0.0338 per share. With the acceptance of the distribution of this dividend, the total amount of the dividend for the year 2022** will amount to BGN 2,849,453 or BGN 0.0488 per share.

Find additional information about the Procedure for dividend payment here or contact Mr Stanislav Tanushev, Investor Relations Director | Stanislav Tanushev or

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