Sirma Group Holding Disclosed its Interim Consolidated Results as at 31.12.2021

On 01.03.2022 Sirma Group Holding JSC announced its interim consolidated results as of 31.12.2021. The development of the Group companies coincides with the goals set in the Growth and Development Strategy of the Group.

The Group’s revenue increased by 8.69% on an annual basis, increasing from BGN 59.4 million to BGN 64.6 million. EBITDA reached BGN 13.014 million. The net profit of Sirma increased by 30.53% compared to the same period last year, reaching BGN 6.4 million.

There was no change during the fourth quarter of 2021 of the main shareholders of Sirma Group Holding. The percentage of free float shares remained at 52.95%. 45 corporate investors hold 8,517,822 shares of the company or 14.3% of the capital, while 981 individuals hold 50,892,696 shares of the company or 85.7%. In the fourth quarter, the foreign shareholders of Sirma increased. On 31.12.2021 they were 11 individuals and legal entities with a total investment of 488,435 shares. This represents an increase of 58.6% of foreign investors in the company compared to the third quarter of 2021.

The full interim consolidated reports on the activities of Sirma Group Holding JSC in 2021 and accompanying documents can be viewed in the investment section.

Any additional questions can be directed to Stanislav Tanushev - Investor Relations Director. E-mail: | tel. +359 2 976 8310