Successful delivery of euBusinessGraph Marketplace project

Sirma AI, traded as Ontotext, successfully finalized its part of the euBusinessGraph Marketplace project.

The company has announced the successful delivery of the euBusinessGraph marketplace, a part of the cross-border project developed with the European Union financial support. The project goal is to create a unified platform that integrates, harmonizes, and enables publishing of company-related data.

The platform incorporates and hosts a scalable business graph data marketplace. All the information is stored in the RDF format using Ontotext’s signature semantic graph database GraphDB.

The euBusinessGraph marketplace makes it possible for data providers to publish and advertise their data, and data consumers, in return, will have the opportunity to search, analyze, and compare data from data providers.

The marketplace users can search companies by location, activity, founding year, for example. It also will offer the premises for third-party applications and company-related data services.

The marketplace enables full-text search by company name, as well as a more precise search for exploring the knowledge graph, and search for companies by various criteria. The platform offers analytics and graph exploration by call out queries directly across a set of diverse datasets sharing common properties.

By now, the aggregation and integration of such data have been a very monotonous and expensive task. Owing to semantics and Linked Data, the collection, and integration of company data from several sources, across borders and languages, is much more comfortable.

The euBusinessGraph platform of EU-wide company data will help the business information and business publishing industries, as well as the marketing and sales sector.

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