Sirma Medical Systems and Innovation ZED Global Partnership

Sirma Medical Systems announced signing an agreement for a global partnership and data integration with Innovation Zed. The latter is an Irish MedTech company, which designs connected health solutions that support drug adherence and Condition Management. The company strives to find novel and exciting possibilities for IoT healthcare, as the development of solutions that increase freedom and control to patients.

Innovation Zed is actively developing and researching new methods to improve drug adherence and enable more personalized condition management. Its InsulCheck Connect technology is incorporated within Sirma’s platform for diabetes management - Diabetes:M, allowing the existing users to improve adherence and their diabetes treatment.

“This collaboration is a significant milestone in our strategy to bring quality diabetes management to a broader audience. Currently, adherence to insulin therapy is one of the most challenging aspects of diabetes treatment. We focus on motivating users to watch their daily injection because they can potentially improve their long-term glucose control.

As a result, they will reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes-related complications. Therapy adherence is a serious issue, and our goal is to simplify this effort as easy as possible. The unique features for insulin pen users in Diabetes:M are designed to both save time and allow them to do things, otherwise only available to pump users.”, said Rosen Varbanov, SEO of Sirma Medical Systems.

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