New GraphDB 10 Offers Modern Data Architectures and Smart Features

GraphDB 10 launches modern data architectures and innovative features to ensure business and operations continuity

GraphDB is a globally recognized, highly efficient, and robust graph database that helps businesses create knowledge graphs at a scale. The leading technology of Sirma AI, traded as Ontotext, is implemented to serve business-critical information systems in many enterprises. GraphDB is a cloud agnostic and offers predictable performance across a wide range of workloads, architectures, and infrastructures. With so many advantages, it plays an instrumental role in Big data management in various industry verticals.

The recently launched version 10.0 is a long-awaited major release, which includes almost two years of hard work in product development and numerous significant improvements in its productivity. The new release has next-generation, less complicated, and more reliable cluster architecture, aiming to provide better resiliency with reduced infrastructure costs.

GraphDB 10 enables best-in-class graph database management, and the users will enjoy seamless upgrades, faster graph analysis, and improved search integration.

The new version gives users the opportunity to operate within a user-friendly environment, offering better automation interfaces and a self-organizing cluster for automated recovery. Its enhanced full-text search (FTS) connectors allow more comprehensive filtering and easier downstream data replication. Finally, the product offers a massive improvement in graph analysis workloads. The latter is possible owing to the parallelization of path-finding algorithms, which enables better use of multi-core hardware.

Two major areas of improvement in the forthcoming 10.1 version are expected: query performance optimization and availability on the biggest cloud platforms.

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