The New Ontotext Platform 3.0 Speeds up Solutions Development

Ontotext Platform 3.0 enables the creating of solutions around enterprise knowledge graphs, combining internal knowledge with external reference data.

Sirma AI (trading as Ontotext) has announced a major upgrade of its flagship semantic platform - Ontotext Platform 3.0. The new version offers significant technology improvements that enable more straightforward and faster graph navigation. The new GraphQL user-centric API uses an additional interface to start consuming complex information much faster at a lower cost.

Business analysts and subject matter experts are focused on defining Semantic Objects as specific views. This helps developers not to be confused by the complexity and peculiarities of the knowledge graph. Based on these definitions, the Semantic Object service implements an efficient query translation optimized for GraphDB – the semantic graph database engine. The platform and its GraphQL API query language help users start executing the application directly on top of the ontology model.

The platform can run on any cloud and supports an easy extension with custom services packaged as Docker containers. The operational dashboards provide information for service monitoring, efficient metric collection services, alerting, and other functionalities necessary for delivering high-availability business-critical production services.

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