Sirma Group Enters a Strategic Partnership with Fimple UK

Sirma is excited to announce its partnership with Fimple, an innovative UK-based fintech. This partnership will lead to more competitive offerings for the Fimple clients, ensuring seamless project delivery and robust services. Sirma, as a well-positioned fintech enabler, is committed to providing excellent technology services, software implementations, delivery of new microservices and IT consulting. We are confident that our collaboration will set new industry standards as we embark on this journey together.

Bringing a new breath to the financial sector, Fimple’s solutions simplify the work of industry players by enabling institutions to customise according to their dynamics. The company’s innovative approach and innovative technical platform offer new and effective solutions to financial institutions. This fast and effective banking platform setup serves as a model for other players in the sector.

Our collaborative endeavour will further enhance Fimple’s efforts to deliver various digital banking experiences to its clients. The integration of Sirma’s financial services will not only elevate Fimple’s existing offerings but also pave the way for new, innovative features that cater to the evolving demands of the market. With Sirma’s decades-long background as a banking and financial services provider, we believe that we can enhance all aspects of financial integrations between contracted and feature customers of Fimple. Our strategic alliance begins a promising journey towards revolutionising the fintech landscape and shared commitment to excellence of innovative banking.

We look forward to a successful partnership that will benefit our organisations and the clients we serve.

About Fimple Fimple is a pioneering fintech company, providing a cloud-native core banking platform. Their innovative approach includes a composable finance solution with native APIs based on SaaS Architecture and Cloud-native microservices. Fimple’s efficient solution addresses compliance challenges and offers a streamlined path for organisations, both giants and ambitious fintechs, looking to modernise their operations and stay competitive in the evolving financial services landscape. Read more.