Sirma Celebrates its 30th Birthday

This year, on April 24th, Sirma turned its thirtieth anniversary. Thirty years of the company’s founding, three decades of corporate history full of challenges and successes. The milestones in our corporate history have shown us how Sirma has become one of the most significant software holdings in the Balkan region, and now is a company with a global footprint with offices in Bulgaria, subsidiaries in the US, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Albania, and Switzerland, representative offices and distributors worldwide.

Tsvetan Alexiev, Chief Executive Officer of Sirma Group Holding, addressed the Sirma team and shared moments from the history of the company, founded by a group of students who dared to follow their hearts and successfully fought for their leadership in the world of technology.

“We started working from a small office in downtown Sofia. A few enthusiasts, eager to create advanced software; there were no computers for everyone, and we took shifts, writing code in turns - day and night. The rest is history – the decades of growth and international expansion. Today, Sirma is a public company, a prominent software holding with a global presence, and one of the IT pioneers in Bulgaria.

Our achievements are remarkable; we have created products and services that have been acknowledged worldwide, and they received many international awards. We are present in more than 170 countries, accomplished thousands of software projects, and created innovative technologies and products. Sirma has become a significant European software player that consolidates companies and follows its ambitious strategy for development and accelerated growth. Sirma attracts talents, and our team is enriched with young and experienced people, ready to follow our steps, driven by the same strive for innovation in the world of technology.

This anniversary is for all of us - no matter who has been in the company for how long and what position they occupy. Sirma is an idea we have developed over the years; Sirma is also all the people who have worked, are, or will work in it. Everyone has contributed and continues to give a piece of themselves to make our Sirma more successful and the best place to work, develop, and be prosperous professionals”, added Tsvetan Alexiev.