Sirma Group Holding JSC has started the dividend payment for 2021

Pursuant to the decision taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders of “Sirma Group Holding” JSC dated June 24, 2022, the company proceeded to pay dividends to its shareholders under issue ISIN: BG1100032140 from Monday, August 8, 2022.

All shareholders of “Sirma Group Holding” JSC as of July 8, 2022, as registered by “Central Depository” AD, have the right to receive a dividend. Dividends paid are for 2021. Their total amount is BGN 1.4 million, or a gross BGN 0.0236 per share.

Shareholders who are served by investment intermediaries will receive their dividends through them. Those shareholders who do not have an investment intermediary (the so-called “Register A” shareholders at “Central Depository” AD) will be able to receive their dividends from all central offices of the servicing “United Bulgarian Bank” AD (an up-to-date list of these branches can be found here.

Dividends will be paid until February 8, 2023 - six months after the start of the payment. After this date, the rights of the shareholders to receive the dividend will be preserved for the next five years and will be serviced by the company directly.

The costs of dividend payment are to be borne by “Sirma Group Holding” JSC.

Read additional information about the Procedure for dividend payment here or contact Mr. Stanislav Tanushev, Investor Relations Director | Stanislav Tanushev or