Daticum Assures Its Services with ISO 27018:2014

Daticum offers its services in compliance with ISO 27018

Daticum JSC, a leading Bulgarian supplier of cloud services and infrastructure, and a company of Sirma Group Holding has been certified under ISO 27018 compliance rules. The ISO 27018 standard is specially designed for cloud services, because of the increasing number of organizations from both public and private sectors that switch to cloud information services, aiming to achieve overall efficiency and reduce costs.

Daticum has conducted an audit certification for its cloud platform, according to this international standard at the end of 2018. The certificate guarantees the company’s customers, services and access to IT infrastructure in compliance with the implementation requirements of the generally accepted control measures and the guidelines for the implementation of the personal data protection measures set out in ISO / IEC 27018: 2014.

The ISO 27018 standard is designed for cloud services and can provide the necessary level of transparency for cloud service customers who want to better understand and compare the policies of different vendors and how they ensure security and data privacy.

ISO / IEC 27018: 2014 is an international set of good practice rules for the processing of personal information by cloud service providers, which is implemented on a voluntary basis. It is based on an upgrade the existing and established security standards for information - ISO 27001, which underlie the general principles of information security and control.

Certification is recognition and guarantee of the quality of the services offered by Daticum, which ranks among the world’s cloud service providers currently certified under ISO 27018.