Sirma’s Stocks to Trade Premium on the BSE

The shares of Sirma Group Holding are included in the leading “Premium” segment of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE). This official statement was announced on 28.03.2018 by the Board of directors of the BSE in Bulgaria. Until now the shares of Sirma Group were traded in the “Standard” segment.

The shares of Sirma Group will be officially part of the “Premium” segment on the 3rd of April 2018. The other six organizations listed in this segment are leading in the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, however, Sirma Group is the only IT company in the “Premium” segment.

The stocks traded as “Premium” meet the requirements set by BSE, such as: the commitment of the company to strict compliance with the “National Conduct for Corporate responsibility”, regular and timely publication of financial statements, disclosure of financial information in Bulgarian and English, minimum 25% minority shareholders, high average turnover of share trading on a monthly base, as well as and profit from the business.

Founded in 1992, Sirma is one of the leading software groups in Southeast Europe. Sirma Group conducted a successful IPO in 2015 (stock ticker: SKK), was listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and attracted a capital of 11.4 million BGN. Since 2017 the shares of Sirma Group have been traded in SOFIX Index, which is a free-float market capitalization-weighted index, representing the most liquid companies listed on the exchange. The market capitalization of each company included within, should not be less than BGN 50 million.