Sirma is Well Prepared to Continue Business as Usual Under COVID-19

Sirma Group Holding announced its “Emergency Management Program” regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency declared by the Bulgarian Government on March 15, 2020, and the impact they will have over the company operations.

Since March 10, 2020, the companies of Sirma Group Holding have been working under our “Emergency Management Program.” Since 16.03.2020, most of the employees of the Sirma companies work remotely without leaving their homes. The “Emergency Management Program” is fully technically equipped and is implemented by all of the company employees. The “Emergency Management Program” ensures that the workflow of the Sirma Group companies is entirely uninterrupted.

Due to the nature of our core business – software development and IT consultancy, the company and its subsidiaries have been working with clients all over the world remotely for more than 20 years.

The Sirma companies are technologically well equipped and have the expertise to use all existing means for remote work, collaboration, and communication. Through the activities of Sirma Group companies, we also assist our clients in their efforts to work remotely - within the enterprises and with their clients. The Sirma companies have successfully offered remote work, outsourced IT infrastructure, and provided virtual services through the Sirma cloud to our clients for more than ten years.

Sirma Group Holding JSC will continue to inform the investors, clients, and partners on the business sustainability linked with the COVID 19 outbreak.

Kind regards,

Tsvetan Alexiev CEO, Sirma Group Holding JSC

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