New GraphDB 9.7 With Enhanced Performance and Memory Management

The new release of GraphDB 9.7 includes substantial improvements in query performance and a major upgrade in memory management

Sirma AI, trading as Ontotext, has released GraphDB 9.7, which offers a substantial improvement in SPARQL performance.

The latest version of the GraphDB engine renders better memory management and a 30% reduction in the generated Java objects, enabling the database to achieve up to 7 times better throughput with such queries over large datasets.

Another improvement is achieved in the utilization of multi-core CPUs for handling multi-client workloads that involve such queries. As a result, all other operations’ overall performance improvement is between 10-15% due to the lowered GC time. All changes are backwards compatible and are expected to affect large repositories under moderate to heavy query load.

The new release also includes new features in the FTS Connectors to support more comprehensive indexing and usability improvements, resulting from the end-user feedback. It offers user experience improvements in the JDBC virtual table configuration, helping the owner of the running query in query/update monitoring and support over the internal federation protocol.

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