Medrec:M Now Offers Vaccination Plans

The new version presents improved administration of health documents, symptoms, vital checks and treatment plans.

The new version of Medrec:M features plenty of improved functionalities and upgrades. They help users better manage and organize their health data and track mandatory and recommended vaccinations regarding each country’s national plans.

Medrec: M is a free mobile application developed by Sirma Medical Systems, which combines digital medical records with many features related to health management, information about symptoms of common illness, vital signs, a channel for communication with doctors and more. Here are the new features of the application:

Vaccination plans

The user can load and track different vaccination plans due to their personal needs. The initial loading is based on the country of residence set up by the user. According to the immunization calendars of 19 countries, the list includes both the mandatory vaccines based on each country’s healthcare authorities and recommendation for vaccinations if travel abroad. Search option is based on a condition or category, with more information for each kind of vaccine. The user can log the date of receiving each dose of a vaccine and follow when the next one is due. This function is handy for keeping up with the immunization plans in children’s profiles.

Organization by health issues

One of the app’s main improvements is organising the recorded symptoms, documents, vitals, medication plans, and laboratory tests. Health conditions are split into two main categories - chronic and temporary.

Chronic conditions

Based on the specific manifestations of chronic diseases, they are added in the user profile while s/he is in an edit mode and have only a start date. Examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, heart problems, asthma, epilepsy and others. It is also possible to add allergies with options for choosing the type, allergen and severity of the condition.

Acute conditions

Temporary illnesses like flu, colds, inflammation, etc., can be added directly from the Health Issues section. They are not predefined and have the option to add an end date. When entering each type of record, it is possible to link it to one or more diseases, allowing easy tracking of the entered information. When the user needs a quick view of all logs related to the disease, it is possible to filter all related records of the selected type and share them with a doctor, which provides specialists with a complete view of the specific problem’s treatment.

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