Medrec:M Clinic Launched new Features and Mobile app

The platform is now connected with NHIS and offers a fully-featured mobile app for doctors.

Medrec:M Clinic is part of the Medrec:M telemedicine system, designed to offer a next-generation digital health management solution. It allows hospitals, clinics, and physicians to connect and communicate more effectively with existing and new patients.

The healthcare industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and providers are continuously seeking ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a better patient experience. In this dynamic environment, Sirma has developed new features and a mobile app for Medrec:M Clinic to enhance care management capabilities and improve communication between healthcare providers and their patients.

The latest version of the Medrec:M Clinic digital health platform has several new features for medical professionals. The basic functionalities for working with the National Health Information System (NHIS) have been added to its clinical module, including submitting information for medical examination, issuing an electronic prescription, and a medical note. The Medrec:M Clinic mobile application complements the functionality of the online platform by providing convenient access to the most important information from the system.

Submission of information for electronic review

Medical practitioners can now store the results of an electronic examination of a patient directly in their personal medical records at Medrec:M Clinic. To do this, they must use a standard electronic signature to authenticate their identity per the NHIS requirements.

A new feature has also been added, which enables the downloading of information about a specific patient’s medical check or examination submitted to NHIS from another program/application. The results of the medical checks are automatically copied to the patient’s medical record in the Medrec:M platform. This ensures the doctor has full information about the patient’s complete medical history and current condition added through the app.

Issuing a general electronic prescription (white prescription)

During a medical examination, the doctor may issue an electronic prescription for general medicines not reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). They may also issue special prescriptions called yellow or green prescriptions based on specific circumstances. To prescribe medication, the doctor searches for a trade name from a pre-loaded list of all officially registered medications in Bulgaria and their different trade names. The prescribed treatment information is automatically added to the system and can be recorded as a treatment plan in the patient diary through the Medrec:M mobile application.

Issuing a medical note

In addition, an electronic medical note can be generated for each exam and submitted to the NHIS system as needed. This way, any leave for medical reasons can be easily sent electronically to the appropriate school or employer.

Remote Consultations

The Medrec:M Clinic app enables doctors to record all medical examinations, whether conducted in-person or online. They can also access a comprehensive list of written consultations that are pending, active, or completed. Furthermore, they can send and receive text messages related to those consultations.

Schedule and upcoming medical examinations

The Medrec:M Clinic app provides healthcare providers an easy way to keep track of their exam schedule for the current day, week or month. Additionally, the app enables them to access detailed information about each patient, including their medical history, upcoming exams, written consultations, and patient-shared information. The app also allows healthcare providers to receive notifications and communicate seamlessly with their patients. This feature helps professionals to remain organized and informed about all tasks and responsibilities, which inevitably improves the quality of patient care and reduces the risk of errors or omissions.

Chat and patient list

Medrec:M Clinic has an integrated chat feature that enables doctors to communicate with their patients quickly and efficiently from their mobile phones. Additionally, doctors have access to complete patient profiles, including the entire communication history, which allows them to monitor and address any concerns or issues discussed during previous sessions.

Timely notifications

The Medrec:M Clinic app sends timely, real-time notifications when there are changes to appointment times or locations, new messages, deadlines for written consultations, or other important updates. This ensures that both healthcare providers and patients stay informed and can respond to any changes in a timely manner.

Medrec:M Clinic’s link with the NHIS provides a seamless experience for medical professionals, reducing the need for manual work and minimizing the physical handling of medical documents. With the increasing digitization of healthcare and the rise of e-services in the country, keeping a complete health record in Medrec:M has never been easier. To use the Medrec:M Clinic app, medical professionals need a valid account on the platform. Once registered, they will gain access to a wide range of tools and resources designed to help them streamline workflows, improve communication, and ultimately deliver better patient care while complying with good medical practices.

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