Medrec:M Announced its Telemedicine Solution Medrec:M Clinic

The event “Digital solution for management of healthcare facilities and medical practices - Medrec:M” took place on October 6. The initiative gathered healthcare professionals from various hospitals, private medical centers as well as media representatives.

Patient care during a pandemic

Dr. Ivan-Asen Shishmanov, a cardiologist, presented his experience with the Medrec:M platform and the ways it has improved his practice. Moreover, he shared some intriguing facts from the European Cardiology Association regarding patient care throughout the pandemic. “The number of registered stroke cases in 2020 appears to be much lower than those in previous years. This isn’t due to a decrease in strokes in general, but due to a cutback in seeking medical attention in times of a pandemic.” Dr. Shishmanov pinpointed digital healthcare as an excellent solution to this problem as it lets people receive medical advice without having to leave their homes.

Healthcare from a new age

Rossen Varbanov, CEO of Sirma Medical Systems, presented the key functionalities of the Medrec:M Clinic platform. Some of them include conducting doctor’s appointments entirely digitally through the telemedicine module of Medrec:M Clinic. Booking and paying for appointments happen seamlessly for both parties. Furthermore, the platform presents detailed PHR (Personal Health Records) of each patient, helping clinicians have a better understanding of each case’s medical history, therefore improving the treatment strategies.

The benefits

Momchill Zarev, CCO of Sirma Solutions, highlighted the numerous business benefits of a platform like Medrec:M Clinic. From saving time to increasing revenue and winning a competitive edge on the fast-developing digital landscape of today’s world. Remote monitoring patients either with chronic or temporary conditions save medical professionals effort and time. Not only that but also a significant improvement in the communication between patient and doctor is noted. This improves diagnostics and treatment methods, resulting in happier and healthier patients.

Let’s talk about it

The guests of the event had the opportunity to ask their questions about this digital health platform, which translated into an intriguing discussion.

If you too have any queries about Medrec:M and its opportunities for digital healthcare, book a demo today and learn more.