Sirma Supports Investor Finance Forum 2022

Investor Finance Forum (IFF) is the annual meeting of the investment community in Bulgaria that addresses the entire spectrum of challenges capital markets, businesses, and public companies face. Sirma is committed to supporting such seminal events, helping technological modernization, and providing an opportunity for leaders and experts from the financial industry to share their experiences, make business contacts, and discuss best practices and strategies in the sector.

The event will be held on November 4 at the Hyatt Regency Sofia Hotel, Vasil Levski Hall. The results of the annual ranking of the best investment funds in Bulgaria will be presented at the forum.

The agenda includes five live panel discussions:

  • Macroeconomics in times of rising prices, high-interest rates, and unrelenting uncertainty.
  • Bulgarian Stock Exchange in the new reality
  • Investment funds - protection in falling markets
  • The technological future of finance and cyber threats
  • Active investment 101: which are winning strategies in times of crisis?

Momchil Zarev, Chief Commercial Officer at Sirma Solutions, will share his vision for the technological future of finance and what kind of cyber challenges faces the industry. He also will talk about innovative financial applications, smart investment assistants, and many more fintech solutions. Which of them can stick in the market in the long run - even if part of the target group no longer trades as much or gives up on the stock market for the time being?

He will also share from his experience what is a must for the successful digital transformation of a bank. Does digitalization end only with the transition of offers to a digital mode, or is it just the beginning of a marathon run and a long-term commitment between the organization and its clients? The professional discussion will also elaborate on the evolving tendencies in insurance and innovative banking strategies in the digital world.

Experts will also comment on whether it is possible to manage financial risk and innovation in payments and the strategy for success in the changing landscape of payments. The moderator of the conversation will be the editor-in-chief of Boycho Popov.

Here you can check the speakers and partners of IFF 2022.