Sirma Supports the Foundation of the Green Center

Starting today, the ESG initiative has its center in Bulgaria, which mission is to promote and support developing policies and implementing the best practices on sustainable finance and energy.

Amid a sea of disturbing news related to the global pandemic, something extremely positive is happening in Sofia. Sirma Group Holding, represented by its CEO Tsvetan Alexiev, is one of the founders of the association for sustainable finance and energy – the Green Finance and Energy Center. The Center was registered today, March 31, 2021, at the initiative of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and the Bulgarian Independent Energy Exchange with the support of the FSC, line ministries, academia and business community.

The Green Center sets itself the ambitious tasks of developing policies, promoting ESG practices, interacting with global networks, developing a national index and leading the public debate on sustainable finance and energy.

“Sustainability in finance and energy is not a fad, but a necessity. The world will become a better place when everyone has an active position and contribution to turning good wishes into practice. With the Green Center we want to help any such initiative,” said Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma Group Holding JSC.

The founders and guests gave a symbolic start to the activities of the Green Center through the digital signing of the “Charter for Sustainable Economic Development of Bulgaria”.

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