Diabetes:M with iOS Version & Premium Plan

New version of Diabetes:M

Our company Sirma Medical Systems announced the iOS version and a Premium Subscription service for their most popular product – Diabetes:M.

Over the last couple of years, Diabetes:M became one of the go-to diabetes logbook management apps on Android OS devices. Loved by both patients and their doctors, this solution helps people take control of the most difficult part of their condition – tracking and documenting every diabetes-related detail of their day, so they can manage effectively.

Recently the developers from Sirma Medical Systems took some major steps to improve Diabetes:M’s user interface, which made the app even easier and more comfortable to work with. Sirma Medical Systems has some great news for users with iOS devices – Diabetes:M is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

As with the Android version, the new app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads, considering the specific use of each device. The iOS version is nearly identical with its counterpart and contains all the features loved and used by tens of thousands of diabetics every day.

Whether you are Type 1 or Type 2, have Gestational Diabetes or just want to help and monitor a family member, this is the logbook app for you.

The application tracks almost all aspects of the diabetes treatment and provides you and with detailed reports, charts and statistics. You can send the reports to your supervising physician via email. Diabetes:M also gives you various tools, so you can find the trends in blood glucose levels and allows you to calculate normal and prolonged insulin boluses using its highly effective, top-notch bolus calculator.

It also has a vast nutrition database, to help you keep track of your food intake and nutrition information, as well as exercise time. Never forget another check with the simple but powerful reminders system.

Diabetes:M can analyze the values from the imported data from various glucometers and insulin pumps via the exported files from their respective diabetes management software systems.

And, of course, all that core functionality is available for free.

With the release of the iOS version of the app comes to a new and very important option – a Premium subscription service with some brand new and amazing new features:

  • No Ads – Subscribing removes all advertising from the app, so you can concentrate on what is important.
  • 2 Additional Profiles – You can set up to two additional, fully featured profiles. This allows you to keep track of your loved ones (or even pets).
  • Additional lab result records – Add a comprehensive metabolic panel, kidney function tests and much more…
  • Expanded Food Database – This will allow greater access to server food database, as well as an option to save selected food as Meals and Dishes
  • Synchronization – Automatically sync multiple devices on data change. Allows you to use any of your available mobile devices to keep track effortlessly.
  • Reports – Get your reports in PDF or XLS format All of these features are designed to help diabetics keep better track of their condition, by removing distractions and saving time and additional efforts. They are currently available only for iOS, with the Android release coming at the end of March.

The subscription service comes with four different payment options – for 1, 3, 6 months and 1 year. All of them are currently in promotion, until the 15th of June, 2017.

Over the next few months, Sirma Medical System’s plans include a wide range of additional improvements and features, as well as a web-based user interface. This will provide users with even more ways to track and analyze their data, helping them lift the burden and reduce both the costs and risks of diabetes over time.

Source: Diabetes:M