An application that helps to keep diabetes under control


Track, analyze, review and manage diabetic condition data effortlessly

Diabetes:M is a mobile application for diabetes management, available for iOS and Android devices. As a personalized diabetes management tool, it enables patients to easily track, analyze, review, share and manage all aspects of their diabetic condition from their mobile phone or tablet.

The app offers various tools to discover trends in the patient’s blood glucose levels. It also allows calculating of normal and prolonged insulin boluses using its highly effective, top-notch bolus calculator.

The immense nutrition database helps users keeping track of their food intake, provides nutrition information and recommends exercise time. Owing to its smart assistant, it utilizes the power of artificial intelligence helping users to manage their diabetes condition.


‌Keep diabetes under control with AI-driven functionalities

Developed by diabetics for diabetics the app features a large array of options to keep diabetes under control, including an AI-driven assistant, nutrition database, reports, bolus calculator and other tools for efficient logging and analysis of all aspects of the diabetic condition.


Store your data for glucose levels, insulin, medications, food intake, injection sites, important notes, organized in categories;

Food Database

Explore embedded food database with referral data for a daily meal, portion and quantity selection. Add your food preferences to the database.

Bolus Calculator

Calculator for carbohydrates and insulin dose. Advanced bolus calculator mode - for diabetics on daily medication.

Detailed Graph

Detailed diagram of blood sugar tests. Includes basal insulin, boluses, activity chart and other data.

Analytical Charts

Illustrate your data in a visually appealing way all through easy to read charts and diagrams.

Various Reports

Create and share reports, log entries and charts ready for the doctor's review.

Data Import/Export

Export collected data and import external ones from other diabetes management systems.

Reminder System

Never miss regular checks with a robust notification system.


Be aware of all aspects of your diabetes condition to keep it under control

Diabetes is known as one of the most serious diseases in the 21st century. One out of ten people worldwide is suffering from diabetes, which puts enormous pressure on healthcare systems, along with the need for billions of dollars spent on treatment each year.

We have realised how important it is to create a mobile solution that can help people with diabetes better manage their condition and improve diabetes-related outcomes without the complication of peoples’ daily routine. Therefore, we have developed a simple, yet comprehensive self-management tool, that makes things easier for all - diabetes patients and medical professionals.

Personal management

Ensures a better control over the most critical vital parameters.

Nutritional adviser

Provide intelligent recommendation for the daily food intake.

Data charts

Display the most essential analyses and vital data via dashboards.

Detailed reports

Prepare 'ready to send' detailed reports for your doctor.

Data organiser

The app store all medical checks and organise your personal data.


'Easy to use' application to keep control of diabetes on a daily bases.

Improve the diabetes treatment of your patients.


Using Mobile Technology To Improve Your Diabetes Management


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