Annual General Meeting of Sirma Shareholders

On June 15, 2023, the Regular Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Sirma Group Holding JSC was held at Sirma’s HQ, in Sofia, by invitation of the Board of Directors, announced in the Commercial Register on May 12, 2023.

Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of SGH, presented a detailed report on the company’s activities, including financial achievements and future opportunities. Shareholders are given the opportunity to ask questions about the company’s plans and financial results and understand the obstacles and successes during the year. Mr Alexiev focused on the most critical aspects of the Group’s M&A strategy and pointed out the milestones achieved by the subsidiaries.

At the General Meeting of Shareholders was taken the following decision for the distribution of dividends for 2022: Distribution of profit from 2022:

  • Realized profit after taxes: BGN 2,130,643.57;
  • Distribution to the reserve fund (10%): BGN 213,064.36;
  • Distributed interim dividend for the first six months of 2022 in the amount of BGN 889,135.08;
  • Remaining profit for distribution for 2022 - BGN 1,028,444.13;

The remaining profit for 2022 in the amount of BGN 514,222.07 is to be distributed as a cash dividend for 2022:

  • BGN 514,222.06 to remain as retained earnings.
  • BGN 1,446,095.83 from the accumulated undistributed profit for past years is to be distributed as a dividend.

According to Article 115c, paragraph 3 of the POSA, any individuals registered as Sirma Group Holding JSC shareholders in the Central Depository by the 14th day following the GMS on June 29, 2023, are eligible to receive a dividend. Shareholders can expect to receive their dividends within 60 days after the GMS, as the Central Depository requires. If shareholders have investment intermediary accounts, their dividends will be distributed through those accounts.

Investors who hold shares directly in their personal accounts with Register, “A” at the Central Depository and are not using investment intermediaries will receive their dividends through a commercial bank branch network. Sirma Group Holding JSC will provide further information regarding the start and end date of dividend payments and the commercial bank that will facilitate the process.

Sirma Group Holding promotes transparency and accountability, instilling confidence in investors that their investments are managed to the specific conditions of the regional market, the influence of overall global trends, the current economic situation and following the company’s long-term goals.

Read the complete notification of the procedure and the timeframe for the distribution of cash dividends of Sirma Group Holding AD for 2022 here.