Credit Chatbot Augments User Experience for Postbank Customers

Sirma Business Consulting(SirmaBC) has developed a credit chatbot which uses Facebook Messenger and servers Post bank customers offering them credit products. The bot is called EVA, and is a result of a fruitful technology partnership between Postbank and SirmaBC.

Bank customers are able to communicate with the online virtual assistant via Facebook Messenger whenever it is convenient for them. They will receive useful and structured information about bank products, credit cards, and debt consolidation programs.

“The creation of chatbot has been a part of Postbank’s digital strategy and our quest to communicate with clients in the most convenient way for them. EVA is the answer to our demands. Now, users can get the necessary information in a direct conversation via Facebook Messenger without disturbing their comfort. EVA gives consumers the unique opportunity to choose the right solutions according to their needs, and easily communicate with the bank - the same way as they chat with their friends. We plan to develop the chatbot, along with a rise in the number of services that will be provided by this way of communication. “

Chatbot for business

The new chatbot service, developed for Postbank by SirmaBC, is a step forward in the implementation of innovative financial solutions and services, in order to offer more accessible services for consumers. We are pleased and grateful to the bank experts, who have chosen this channel of communication, which, according to the latest market research (, is used by more than two million consumers in Bulgaria. We believe that customers are increasingly seeking informal communication with their financial institution, regardless of their location - home, office, coffee or on the go - they want a secure and reliable way of communication in their phones.

Using Artificial Intelligence for better customer experience

Tsvetomir Doskov, CEO of Sirma BC said „A crucial role for the project implementation is the result of the excellent partnership between both organizations. The proven technological expertise of the SMB team and the vision of Postbank managers that digitization in the banking sector requires launch of new services and adoption of digital channels of communication preferred by customers, has led to the launch of a new information and sales channel, that complements off-line services, provided by the bank’s staff. At the same time, the chatbot performs the routine and monotonous part of the work of employees, helping them to be involved in activities with higher added value. The software solution allows to automatically answer the most frequently asked questions via text, photos, links, etc. Playing as an electronic virtual assistant, the bot advises consumers in a timely manner, via their preferred devices.

Technological upgrading of banks is not just a choice of better IT infrastructure and software, but a comprehensive new strategy, how to better manage activities and develop new products and services in the digital age. Products or solutions such as credit chatbot require the incorporation of artificial intelligence algorithms, in order to help the staff engaged in customer service to increase their results and achieve KPIs “, added by Mr. Doskov.

Chatbot applications are an increasingly popular way of communicating because of their numerous advantages - they offer personalized offers and improve customer experience. They work 24/7 and provide easy access - via social media or another digital channel, preferred by the client.

Postbank’s chatbot has its own Facebook page. Users can also ask EVA via the official Postbank page in Facebook. Learn more about SirmaBC here.