Sirma Group Announces New 2022 Strategy

Following discussions with shareholders and stakeholders, the Strategy of Sirma Group was updated during 2017. On 01 February 2018 Sirma Group Holding officially disclosed its Strategy for Development and Growth for the period 2018 – 2022. Sirma targets EUR 100 Million of Consolidated Sales Revenue by 2022.

„We realize the challenges of disclosing our Strategy and anticipated results. However, we truly believe in transparent corporate management and feel obliged to share with our shareholders our knowledge, intentions, and considerations. Hence we accept the challenges and share the Strategy of Sirma Group for Development and Growth for the period 2018 – 2022.“, said Tsvetan Alexiev – CEO of Sirma Group.

The Strategy presentation provides information about the activity, structure, history and achieved results of Sirma over the years. These results are the foundation for the successful implementation of the updated Strategy of the Group.

Sirma defines precisely the main elements of its strategy and aims, as well as the KPI which will be used to measure its implementation. The strategic technologies have been defined, which will be the base of the future development of the Group and its technological transformation:

The aim of the technological transformation of Sirma is the consolidation of its cognitive technologies and R&D in the Sirma Enterprise Platform with AI (SENPAI). This will allow the Group to develop strongly competitive business software applications in the chosen verticals of specialization.

The Strategic aim of the Group is reaching EUR 100 million in sales revenue by 2022. This corresponds with CAGR 30% of revenue over the period. The Strategy provides 70% of sales revenue in 2022 to be generated in North America and Europe with an overwhelming share (again 70%), achieved using the XaaS sales model. The fast growth rate should be achieved while preserving the operational efficiency of 29% EBITDA margin.

Alongside with the consolidated Group targets, Sirma provides the anticipated development, aims and strategic steps of all six vertical segments of specialization.

The presentation of the Strategy can be accessed and downloaded here.