Sirma is Showing off Melinda at the Biggest FinTech Event Money 20/20 in Amsterdam

Meet Melinda in person at the biggest FinTech event in Europe

Sirma is happy to attend Europe’s biggest Fintech show, Money20/20 EUROPE, accompanied by 1000+ leading companies in the field, on 21 – 23 September. The exhibition will be held at RAI Amsterdam, and our team will welcome guests and attendees to #Kiosk C3.

Money2020 will bring together everyone who matters in Payments, Banking, FinTech and Financial services - business leaders, global corporations, established companies and innovative startups, technology visionaries, software vendors, influencers and media.

Our team - Tsvetomir Doskov, CEO of Sirma Business Consulting, Momchill Zarev, Chief Commercial Officer, Rumyana Stoykova, Director Business Development, Products and Solutions, and Mark Belane, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Sirma Solutions, will present Melinda, a new generation of Conversational AI, and the whole range of services, products and solutions we offer to the financial industry.

Melinda Conversational AI, specially designed for the financial sector

Melinda is a new generation of Conversational AI, specially designed for the banking sector, which uses technologies like machine learning and natural language processing and understanding (NLU and NLP). This enables Melinda to interact with bank clients, to analyze and understand the conversation it is part of.

Melinda’s standard version is a chatbot application integrated into bank systems to turn into a full-scale Robo-advisor. Melinda can answer simple customer inquiries and undertake a full-scale conversation with them, offering different bank products and answering all of their questions. In practice, Melinda can easily turn into a financial advisor, providing information and advice on the complex topic of banking.

In addition, Melinda also relies on the innovative RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, which allows the chatbot to be used as a method of communication and actively participates in the completion of any inquiry. Melinda plays the role of a front-end RPA bot by aiding consumers to initiate an automated process. The consumer starts a conversation with a chatbot, through which the bot collects the information needed to complete the RPA task. Suppose the consumer fails to provide clear answers. In that case, Melinda can ask for clarification or a confirmation before passing the information on to the RPA bot. She initiates the process, exchanging information with the consumer through the chatbot interface.

In contrast to traditional chatbots, Melinda’s intelligence allows bank institutions to successfully integrate the bot into a function without a predefined outcome such as sales, prospect generation, opening accounts and transaction management. Conversational AI bots with RPA support the business and its customers exceptionally due to their ability to learn through time.

Money20/20 Europe has confirmed its status as the event where Europe’s industry leaders gather to share groundbreaking news. The event enables networking and collaboration of the professionals doing business in the fast-paced and high stakes world of Payments, FinTech and Financial Services. It’s the meeting place for the industry’s leadership, disruptors and change-makers. More than a thousand companies will be attending the event and hundreds of media outlets, including mainstream press, trade publications covering payments, banking, retail, security and more, and general media covering the latest FinTech trends and topics.