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Sirma supports banks, insurance companies, insurance brokers and financial institutions in the use of all up-to-date digital technologies. 

Utilizing technology gives our financial clients the possibility to rethink their business model, their distribution approach, greatly extends their product portfolio and creates the customer experience which we all seek from our financial institution. This, of course, leads to increased productivity, increased competitiveness and an inflow of new clients.‌

Sirma’s expertise in developing solutions for Banking and Insurance

Sirma provides the full range of software products and services, which the financial institutions need – from the core banking software, through custom software products for all main operations in the financial institution to consultancy and tailor-made solutions for any individual needs. These are complemented by innovative cognitive solutions for chatbots, KYC and fraud prevention.

Throughout more than 25 years of relevant domain expertise, we at Sirma have helped many players in the finance industry align their operations with the contemporary requirements and begin to make smart use of digital technologies. In doing this we have greatly increased their efficiency, decreased transaction costs, decreased operational risk and eliminated security issues. 


Sirma’s perspective on the financial landscape

The financial software landscape is changing rapidly. Fintech startups are challenging traditional ways of doing business. The clients of the financial industry are changing their user preferences, distribution models and communication channels are undergoing a radical transformation. Add to that the challenges of security issues and the financial regulators who are stepping up their compliance requirements while markets are pushing costs down.

In the disrupted landscape of finance, the only solution for banks, insurers, and financial institutions is to embrace the digital transformation. To do this, they need a competent partner. We strive to be such a partner.

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