Fujitsu purchased GraphDB licenses

Fujitsu purchased GraphDB licenses joining the club of Top 10 IT services businesses that work with Ontotext

Fujitsu Technology Solutions S.A., Madrid, purchased licenses for the GraphDB Enterprise cluster configuration. Details about the deal cannot be disclosed due to the nature of the project. This is an important milestone in the cooperation between Fujitsu and Ontotext, which started back in 2017. Fujitsu is the world’s 7th largest IT services provider and No.1 in Japan.

With this deal, Fujitsu joins the club of three other Top 10 IT Services providers that use Ontotext technology as part of their AI platforms: InfoSys, Atos Origin, and NTT Data. Ontotext announced the strategic partnerships with Atos and InfoSys in 2017, which already resulted in several joint projects. Everis is an NTT Data company headquartered in Spain, which also purchased GraphDB Enterprise licenses earlier in 2018.

Partnerships with global IT services providers, consultants, and system integrators are part of Ontotext’s and Sirma’s strategy for business development and delivery of business solutions to big enterprises and governments around the world.

Ontotext’s technology is at the heart of Sirma’s SENPAI – the enterprise AI platform.