Sirma Announces the Release of Its Free Mobile App Medrec:M – Personal Medical Record of the Future

Sirma, the largest Bulgarian software group (Sirma Group Holding AD, BSE: SKK), announced its new product Medrec: M.

Medrec: M continues the series of products of the company aimed at providing better healthcare and prolonging and improving quality of life.

Sirma’s philosophy is that in the modern and over-informed society, personal health care is in the hands and abilities of the individual himself. Every person needs to collect as much data as possible about their health – any symptoms, examinations’ results, treatments, and diagnoses, which, if necessary, should be provided for attendance or remote examination by a doctor. Data is the key to correct diagnosis and successful treatment. At the same time, it is the personal and inviolable property of each individual.

Like in the rest of our products, in Medrec: M as well, we are going to integrate artificial intelligence features. This technology will enable users to be better informed and will enable doctors with diagnosis and necessary treatment. It will monitor for dangerous conditions and will trigger notifications when detecting fluctuation of important health indicators in more extended periods of time, that could otherwise have left unnoticed.

Medrec: M provides a channel for communication with the health authorities – the possibility for the user to provide anonymous information for evaluations and predictions related to the state of health of the population. The product makes it possible to participate voluntarily in polls and surveys, thus supporting the transition to better health care. Medrec: M, Diabetes: M, Cardiac: M and Clinic: M are all part of the Sirma Medical Suit – Sirma’s complete solution for better healthcare.

“I do believe that after this pandemic, the world will never be the same. Many stereotypes will shatter; many processes will change. And health care, in particular, will further advance technologically and become more efficient, which will lead to a better lifestyle and longevity. We kindly invite you to install your Medrec: M. This product puts your health in your hands. It is free, reliable, and created with care for the protection of your data. Do expect updates and follow us in the development of the product, which will become ever more useful over time. Do take an active part in the development of the future of health care! “, appealed Mr. Tsvetan Alexiev, CEO of Sirma.

How does Medrec:M work?

The product consists of a mobile application-currently available for the Android platform (users of the iPhone will be able to access the application within ten days), and Medrec: M Monitor – a portal for doctors.

The user uses the mobile application to collect and record his/her medical data, symptoms, results of examinations, medication, diagnoses, epicrises, etc. If necessary, the user can easily share their data with a doctor. They can use the “share” feature in the mobile app, indicating the doctor only by entering the email address, with which he has registered in Medrec: M. One of the functionalities of the system allows the doctor to decline the acceptance of the invitation to access the patient’s data. And the patient can see if his/her request to share has been accepted, accordingly.

Using the application and filling in regularly your health status data will be useful for both users and healthcare authorities, who will have an overview of the current statistical information provided based on anonymized data. By filling the questionnaires in the application regularly, users also contribute to the building of better healthcare, and in times of pandemic - for adequate reactions and taking more timely measures. In the application, we have used and will continue to use the vast expertise and various technologies of Sirma in the field of both health and life sciences.

Download Medrec:M here

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