Sciant AD Acquires the Albanian IT Company ReSolutions

On 18.10.2022, Sciant AD - a subsidiary of Sirma Group Holding AD, acquired its foreign partner - the company ReSolutions Shpk, registered in Albania. The transaction is expected to be entered into the Albanian Trade Register by 28.10.2022.

The acquisition resulted from the initial strategic partnership between Sciant and ReSolutions, which started in July 2021. The Board of Directors of both companies - Sirma Group Holding AD and Sciant AD accounted for potential synergy between the experts from Sciant AD and Sirma SHA in Albania, and the deal has been given the green light.

Sciant specializes in developing and implementing business management IT solutions and has purchased 100% of the Albanian IT company ReSolutions. The transaction is part of the long-term development strategy of the Bulgarian company.

“For a year, we hired 30 software engineers. Together with their colleagues in Bulgaria, they are working on projects in transport and logistics, hospitality, and fintech. These industries are our expert domains in which Sciant is focused. Opening a new office and building a successful team were among our priorities in the past year. We are extremely excited that now officially being a part of a company that provides quality IT solutions and amazing company culture,” shared Mario Kenga, Manager of ReSolution, Albania.

“For more than 12 months, we have been working with ReSolutions, providing our clients with successful and proven solutions for their businesses. Together we are stronger and able to add even more value to our offers to customers and partners,” said Angel Mitev, CEO of Sciant.

Our priority has always been creating the most advanced technology solutions. The acquisition of ReSolutions and our leading positions in the industries we operate will allow us to accelerate the company’s growth,” added Evlogi Georgiev, CEO of Sciant.

About Sciant

Founded in 2016, Sciant develops IT business solutions. The company works with both large enterprises and fast-growing startups around the world. Its clients include DHL, Shift4, Avalara, Oracle, Ligentia, Sonder, Oaky, Pace Revenue, and many others. The company appeared in the prestigious Financial Times ranking of 1000 fastest growing companies in two consecutive years - 2021 and 2022. Sciant has offices in Sofia and Plovdiv. Since November 2021, it has been part of Sirma Group Holding.